Keith “Herbie”Herbert – Founder/Partner, President and CEO of ink! Coffee Company

Keith is a 30-year veteran of the restaurant industry manning all aspects of the trade from the smallest Mom and Pops to T.G.I. Fridays and the Caribou Club in Aspen, CO. Keith has been in the coffee industry for the past 23 years. He was trained at IllyCaffe’s training headquarters in Arizona as a sales representative and has spent time with the late Dr. Ernesto Illy in Trieste, Italy. He has helped conceive and manage cafes in California, New York and Colorado in addition to founding ink! Coffee in 1994. He is responsible for the creation and development of the ink! concept from a single stainless steel push cart to eight retail locations and a wholesale roasting and distribution business. He holds degrees of certification in coffee brewing, espresso preparation, and cupping workshop programs certified by The Specialty Coffee Association of America. He works closely with the founder of Socially Conscious Coffee, whose direct relationships in coffee-producing countries provides guidance, assistance, education and resources to farmers and their families. Herbie’s idea of Heaven is a links golf course built in the middle of a lush coffee farm with an Italian café.

+ Current Coffee Fix: Double Cortado
+ Go to Cocktail: Single Malt Scotch
+ Favorite food that’s not Italian: Indian
+ Music cranking: Hip Hop and Lounge World Music
+ Most days I am: Figuring out where to go next, how to get there and make an impact.
+ Why ink!: Controlling the bean from seed to cup. Working with everyone who strives for excellence.


Brent Elliott aka “Chimp” – Vice President of Operations

Brent is a 25-year veteran of the Food & Beverage business, which includes 16+ years in the coffee business. Brent joined ink! Coffee Company in 1999 after getting his start in the coffee business with Coffee Bean International in Portland, Oregon. Other professional experiences have included working in the corporate world for AT&T and working in the radio business for a handful of AM and FM stations as an on-air talent/music director. Brent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ink! Coffee, coordination and build out of new stores, vendor relations, information technology, and wholesale training. Brent holds degrees of certification in coffee brewing and espresso preparation from The Specialty Coffee Association of America, as well as, a B.A. in Speech Communications from the University of Illinois.

+ Current Coffee Fix:  Iced Coffee with a splash of almond milk.
+ Go to Cocktail:  Trying to taste every I.P.A. brewed on the planet.
+ Favorite food that’s not Chicago style pizza:  Pretzels, cheese, and bread
+ Music Cranking:  Phish, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, and Drive By Truckers
+ Most days I am:  Putting out “fires” by day, dreaming about golf and the perfect beach at night.
+ Why ink!: The day-to-day fun of a never ending, adventurous journey that is ink! Coffee Company.


John W. Rose aka Hoss – Roastmaster, Famed Philosopher, Philanderer and Soul Surfer of the Snow

John’s dedication to the buying, cupping and roasting has resulted in ink! Coffee’s national recognition. John has been roasting coffee for over 20 years and has logged over 20,000 hours while roasting upwards of 2 million pounds of coffee in small batch roasters including Probat, San Franciscan and Diedrich machines. He also served as Aspen Coffee Company’s Founder/Roast Master prior to joining ink! Coffee Company in 1998 as Partner and Roastmaster.


+ Current Coffee Fix: Sumatra Harimau Tiger
+ Go to Cocktail: Aspen Brewing Company’s Ajax Pilsner
+  Food: It’s a toss up, either Chinese or Mexican.
+ Music Cranking: Sons of Bill or Black Cab Sessions
+ Most Days I am: Hanging with my dog and trying to figure out better ways to roast coffee.
+ Why ink!: It’s home and family rolled into one. I love knowing that with quality and a smile we can make a positive influence in people’s day-to-day lives.


Ben Winckler – Manager of Retail Stores

While working through a Hazardous Materials degree, Ben saw he needed more in his life than the doom and gloom of Environmental Science. Coffee is a lifestyle of positive energy and caffeine-fueled motivation. This fast paced challenging work environment free of desks and deadly toxins was a perfect match for our mohawked friend. In 2001, Ben began his career in the Coffee industry and after gaining knowledge and experience at four different local and national coffee chains, he joined the ink! team in 2006. He has certifications from SCAA as a Barista, Rancilio and Fetco as a tech, enabling him to fix any coffee-related problem as a master tradesman. When you combine this level of industry knowledge with unmatched charisma, Ben is able to lead, motivate and inspire ink!, taking the company to a whole new level.

+ Current Coffee Fix:  Iced Black and Tan
+ Go to Cocktail:  Jameson on the rocks
+ Favorite food that’s not Italian: Avocados and Mangos
+ Music cranking:  The Ramones and Garth Brooks, Alabama and Rancid, Nofx and Johnny Cash.
+ Most days I am:  Spilling adrenaline laced training fumes on myself and ink!sters.
+ Why ink!:  Uncompromising aggressive values


Angela Bisel – Controller

Angela joined the ink! Coffee team in 2016 after spending more than 9 years supporting the explosive growth of The Egg & I Restaurants. She joined ink! to follow her passion for small businesses and to develop the financial infrastructure to fuel the company’s growth. Angela brings her experience with finance, accounting, legal, human resources and IT (among other talents) to the ink! team.

+ Current Coffee Fix: Black & Tan – Hot and keep it coming!
+ Favorite Food: What can beat a great steak? (though Greek Food is a close second)
+ Music Cranking: Fall Out Boy, They Might Be Giants, or Jimmy Buffett
+ Most Days I am: Doing whatever it takes to help our folks be able to focus on the most important things – our guests, our employees, and great coffee.
+ Why ink!:To be a part of a growing, dynamic company full of passionate people and helping to continue the journey to the next adventure – and did I mention the coffee?