Coffee with a social conscience.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. But because many coffee laborers live in remote, underdeveloped areas, this prominent export comes with substantial poverty. ink! Coffee, in partnership with Socially Conscious Coffee®, is working to change that. Through this gracious non-profit, we’re helping provide education, health care and environmental programs to the most economically disadvantaged people in the coffee supply chain: harvesters and their families.

We do it by partnering with one of the highest-quality coffee farmers in Brazil. With each pound of coffee we purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds—and he matches. The result of our combined efforts includes a 9,149 square foot school and community center on his farm in Encruzilhada, Bahia, Brazil as well as primary education to more than 100 adults and children, dental care to more than 60 children and safe drinking water and meals to the community. We’ve also helped educate more than 840 people on health and hygiene practices, disease prevention, water and food safety, and environmental stewardship.

By helping sustain an entire community, we’re doing our part to make not just our coffee—but the world—a better place. Our ultimate goal? In three years we’ll be sourcing 100% socially conscious coffee from every international vendor we work with, starting with our latest partnership in Ethiopia.